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SierraMike LAB 1-01 is the first aviation language assessment body in Austria certified by Austro Control, the Austrian national aviation authority. At SierraMike LAB 1-01 we offer aviation English testing according to ICAO Levels 4, 5, and 6. Additionally, we are authorized to train ICAO language examiners up to level 6 as well as to conduct rater training courses for ICAO language examiners and linguistic experts. Dates for ICAO Language Proficiency tests for pilots (levels 4-6) are available basically 24/7, but only by appointment. There are still some AVAILABLE TIME SLOTS for Friday, 16 July 2020 Individual appointments can also be arranged. Contact Sierra at

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Language Proficiency Test Registration Levels 4-6

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NEW! ICAO Language Proficiency Test ONLINE!

Peer 2 Peer  Onlinetest CheckL6

CheckL6 ICAO Language Proficiency testing (levels 4,5 and 6) is now available online! Should you prefer to take the test from the comfort of your own home, you can now easily connect online with the examiner of your choice by using our peer2peer program and make the test feel even more stress-free. No matter if you take the test at home, at our office, or at the location of one of our examiners, our examiners will always guide you interactively through each part of the test! So if time is pressing or it is simply not an option for you to take your ICAO Language Proficiency test at our office or at the office of one of our examiners, the ICAO Language Proficiency test can be taken online. No matter if you choose to take the test from a safe distance, in other words: online, the test is absolutely identical to our face-to-face test and includes a live interview with your examiner and a voice-only part as set out in ED Decision 2020/005/R, which has been in force since 18 March 2020.