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AFZ Training per Skype

SierraMike Consulting was founded in September 2008 and specializes in consulting activities in the fields of aviation and tourism. The company name, SierraMike, stands for Sabine Mertens's initials in the NATO phonetic alphabet. The logo originally was a propeller, symbolizing momentum. The three propeller blades stand for innovation, quality, and sustainability. Over the years, the logo was redesigned and today some people confuse it with a CD. Whatever ...! What REALLY matters is that we are proud to be the very first Austrian aviation language assessment body and we conduct aviation language tests and language training for pilots

Who are Sierra, Mike, and the team?

Sabine Mertens

Sabine MertensThe owner and Head of LAB 1-01, Sabine has been a professor at the Management Center Innsbruck for many years and Head of English at the Institute for Tourism where she also teaches French, Italian, and travel business management. In 2016, Sabine was recipient of the Teaching Award at mci University College. From flight attendant to ground operations, from marketing and sales to accountable manager and CEO of several regional airlines, Sabine has extensive experience in many different sectors of the aviation industry. She is interested in everything that has to do with flying. With LAB SierraMike 1-01, Sabine finally turned her hobby into a job.

Sierra and Mike are responsible for administration, they manage the company's different business areas, draw up plans for the future, brew coffee for visitors and pay the bills. Sierra and Mike run the outfit like a boss! Gerhard usually sits in a 767 and flies cargo to the remotest countries in the world and when he doesn't, he is flight instructor, examiner, language proficiency examiner and fatherly advisor to our young flight students. He supervises the quality within our company and is always there to help and give advice. Artur does not really need to be introduced. Everyone knows that Artur is sitting in the left-hand seat on a Gulfstream 100 and flies patients from all over the world home when something goes wrong. Artur is a man for every season: Instructor, examiner, language proficiency examiner... but above all a good friend. Helmut is the familiar voice from the Tower. He has been a traffic manager and instructor for traffic managers for many years. True to the motto "Say again", he prepares our students for their radio communications test long and thoroughly until they're perfectly prepared. And if you pass your test, you might even be allowed to go play golf with Artur. Marcel is definitely allowed to fly the most beautiful plane! A Gulfstream 650! As an experienced corporate pilot he complements our team perfectly. He is working for us as a language trainer via Skype. Marcel speaks perfect English and, as a pilot, he is a role model for many of our candidates. Then there are also Heinz, Günter, Christoph, Stefan, and Klaus, all of them experienced examiners.

The Core Team

Sonja and Johanna: Administration and training


Sonja is an American and English Studies major at the University of Innsbruck and is extremely passionate about her university education. She joined SierraMike in 2018 and is currently involved in a long-term program to become an LPLE (Language Proficiency Linguistic Expert). Sonja is also busy with the creation and proofreading of new exam questions. If you are not yet ready for your language proficiency test, Sonja can help you prepare. She is extremely patient with pilots who do not speak English that well and will be happy to help you achieve your test level goals. If your goal is a solid L4, Sonja will help you and explain the basics over and over again in a very relaxed atmosphere. She also knows a few tricks for getting an L6 if you speak English well and will coach interviews with you either face-to-face at our office or by Skype until you're ready for that L6! Feel free to contact her at: or via Skype: helpdesk SierraMike.


Johanna has an English teaching degree and has made language her passion. She brings a lot of experience as an editor to the team and is currently being trained as LPLE (Language Proficiency Linguistic Expert). You can listen to her professional voice when you take the test. Johanna is always busy thinking up new test questions and recording them for you. If you would like to prepare professionally for your ICAO Language Proficiency Test, you can practice with Johanna at the most difficult level. Johanna is mother of a son and therefore has a lot of understanding and patience. She supports everyone in achieving their personal goals. Johanna is extremely interested in flying, which an absolute prerequisite when working with us. However, Johanna's heart also beats for theater and music.


Mirela joined us in 2018 and already has a lot of professional experience. She is studying business administration and works with us in the administration of examinations, reporting to the aviation authorities, invoicing, and invoice control. She will be working in a long-term program to familiarize herself with auditing and quality management. You can reach Mirela directly at:

Gerhard 2015-09-3

Gerhard Grohmann usually sits in a 767 and flies cargo to the remotest countries of the world and when he doesn't, he is a flight instructor, examiner, language proficiency examiner and fatherly advisor to our young flight students. He supervises quality in our company and is always there to help and give us advice!

IMG_2660 Artur Praxmarer

Artur Praxmarer does not need any introducing ... who wouldn't know Artur? Everyone knows that Artur sits on the left seat of a Gulfstream 100 and flies patients from all over the world back home when something unfortunate has happened. Artur is a man for all seasons: He is an instructor, examiner, language proficiency examiner ... but, above all, a really good friend.

Schiefer Helmut  AFZ Training SierraMike

Helmut Schiefer has been one of our closest associates since 2016 and is primarily responsible for all matters relating to radio communication training. He is an experienced air traffic controller, aviation law lecturer, and trainer for air traffic controllers. Helmut coaches student pilots in small groups until they feel super ready for that radio comm test!

Examiners registered with us at the LAB are located all over Austria and also in some areas of Germany. Please contact the examiner of your choice directly for information concerning costs and testing dates. Examiners registered with SierraMike are, in accordance with Austrian regulatory requirements, either self-employed or working for aviation businesses. They are not in an employment relationship with SierraMike.

Examiners in Tyrol

Karner Mario ICAO Level 4 Prüfer

Mario Karner is a very experienced pilot and flight instructor and conducts level 4 exams. Especially private pilots and student pilots who want to take an L4 test will enjoy their testing experience with Mario.

Beirer Inigo ICAO Language Proficiency Expert

Iñigo Beirer flies for Lufthansa as SFO on an A330 and A350 and travels worldwide. He is an ICAO Language Proficiency Examiner up to L6 and can be contacted for questions regarding flight training or coaching in aviation. If you prefer to be examined while you're on the road and do not have time to come to Innsbruck, you can contact Iñigo directly to make an appointment: +4368110330956 or

ICAO language proficiency examiner Tinzl Marcel

Marcel is an experienced pilot with excellent English skills and a lot of international experience. He conducts ICAO Language Proficiency Tests from level 4 to level 6 and can be contacted at

Lpe Mario Papes Language Proficiency Examiner

Mario Papes is a helicopter pilot and flight instructor with many years of international experience. He holds licenses from four different ICAO member states from CPL(H) to ATPL(H). After various adventures in North, Central, and South America, he will soon return to Europe, where he will work with us as an LPE as part of our team. Mario will primarily conduct exams from level 4 to level 6. For further questions and appointments please contact him at

Our examiners in Salzburg

Wallner Fox Judith

Judith Fox Wallner is one of our most popular examiners. She is both LPE and LPLE and is an enthusiastic private pilot. She loves to fly seaplanes and has recently discovered the joys of helicopter flying. Whether you are a level 6 or level 4 candidate, an airline pilot or private pilot, you will be in good hands with Judith. She also loves to work with candidates struggling with test anxiety. Contact her at or call her at +43 676 946 3606.

Our examiners in Carinthia

IMG_5972 Kopie Rainer Kuen

Rainer Kuen is a Language Proficiency Examiner up to level 6, offering preparation and testing in the Styria and Carinthia areas at any time. Contact under 0699/19532392 or

Our examiners in Styria

Neugebauer Arnfried Language Proficiency Prüfer  Level 4 Deutschland

Arnfried Neugebauer is a Language Proficiency Examiner for level 4 in the Graz area and also available for pilots in Germany who hold licenses issued in Austria. Arnfried spends a few days at least once a month in Finsterwalde in Germany/Brandenburg near Berlin. If you are interested, please contact Arnfried at

Rentsch Stefan LPE Controller Graz ICAO Level 6

Stefan Rentsch is a Language Proficiency up to level 6. He works as an air traffic controller in Graz and studied Traffic Accident Research - Aviation Safety at the Graz University of Technology. He holds EASA and FAA pilot licenses and is passionate about flying on land and water. Contact: him at or +43 (0) 664 55 33 236.

Porträt AGA mit DA62 JUN 2017 Andreas Grassl LPE

Andreas Grassl is an active pilot (EASA CPL/IFR and FAA ATPL) and member of the Flying Lawyers and Tax Consultants of AOPA Germany. Andreas is also a lawyer specializing in aviation law. He lives and works mainly in Stainz in Western Styria, where one-to-one tests can be arranged at any time by appointment. He is happy to conduct the tests at the airports in his area from a total of 3-4 candidates, also on weekends. As he commutes to Vienna several times a month and regularly takes part in AOPA Germany events in Egelsbach, he is also happy to assist pilots in the Vienna area and fellow pilots in Germany, especially those who aspire to level 5 or 6, as the LBA now recognizes Austrian language tests. 8510 STAINZ, Hauptplatz 11/2 (SV Office AVIATION-LOWW) and 1010 WIEN, Johannesgasse 22 (Sunder-Plassmann, Loibner & Partner); P +43 (1) 581 05 06 F +43 (1) 581 05 06-28.

Our examiners in Vienna and Lower Austria

Thomas Menzel LPE Wien  ICAO Language Proficiency Examiner

Thomas Menzel If you'd like to take your Language Proficiency exam in the Wiener Neustadt, Vienna or Bad Vöslau areas, please contact Thomas, who works there as teacher and examiner for MEP/SEP, PA46SET, FI-E, CRE, FE, Senior Examiner. Email:

Foto Collins Kevin LPE Sierramike ICAO Language Proficiency Level 4 5 6

Kevin Collins: Kevin grew up bilingual and is the youngest examiner in our team. He tests from level 4 to level 6. Kevin has been a co-pilot on the Boeing 777 since the end of 2017 and tests in the Vienna and Wiener Neustadt area up to level 6. Tests can also be arranged "on the road" by appointment at

Andrea_Bschliehsmaier ICAO Language Proficiency Examiner
Andrea_Bschliehsmaier ICAO Language Proficiency Examiner

Andrea Bschliehsmaier is an enthusiastic helicopter pilot and flight instructor. She routinely tests from level 4 to level 6 and creates a very pleasant testing atmosphere. If you would like to register for the test with Andrea, here is her contact info: Andrea:Pilot / Flight Instructor R22 / R44 / B206 / AS355 P: +43 (0)2252 73555

Our examiners in Vorarlberg

Gunter-Kulhay LPE SierraMike

Günter Kulhay can be found mostly somewhere overhead Europe on board an Embraer 170 or otherwise working as an EASA Flight Instructor and Examiner and as a Language Proficiency Examiner up to Level 6. Günter offers preparation and testing in the Vorarlberg and Lake Constance areas (Eastern Switzerland and Southern Germany). Examiner: CRE MEP/SEP, CessnaSET C208sea / TRE C560XLS, EMB170-195 / IRE, FE, Acro, Senior-Examiner // US-FAA ATPL Part 121 Contact him at +43 676 9773022 (also via WhatsApp) or at

Bernhard Fragner

Fragner Bernhard ICAO Language Proficiency Test

If you are from Upper Austria and would like to take your test there, you are in good hands with Bernhard Fragner, who is a Language Proficiency Examiner up to level 6. Test preparation and tests are held in Upper Austria and Bavaria. Tests are always conducted at LOWL by appointment. If you are interested, please contact him at +43 664 2114882 or at

Tschako LPE ICAO Level 6

Grasl Dietmar Foto

Dietmar Grasl is an active pilot (PPL/IR) and FI(A) in the area of Upper Austria and western Lower Austria. As an LPE he conducts tests up to level 6. Dietmar is a physician and travels extensively through English speaking countries and English language literature. He conducts LPE tests in the region of Upper Austria and western Lower Austria, but if there are several candidates he is happy to go to other airports by appointment: +43/660/6564033 or at

Heimo Görig, LPE Language Proficiency Examiner,ICAO Sprachtest

Heimo Görig is an experienced helicopter pilot and flight instructor with civil and military licenses. In addition to his full-time job, he graduated from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as a "Master of Aeronautical Science" with a focus on Human Factors and Aviation Safety. He travels in national and international airspace and is a Language Proficiency Examiner up to level 6. Heimo is at home in Linz, Upper Austria, and is flexible with regard to the time and place of language testing. Please contact him at or +43 (0)664/2536449 for appointments or other inquiries.

CheckL6 ICAO Language Proficiency Testing in GERMANY

Wolfsson Anja Crosswind

Anja Wolffson Anja is owner of the Xwind Training Center in Hamburg and organizes CheckL6 Language Proficiency Tests in Germany. Anja is an experienced private pilot and will be happy to provide you with further information. Pilot PPL land,sea/parachute Memberships: AOPA, EAA, VdL, BBAL, VDP, DFV Associations: hfc-HAM, ILV, Yuu-skydive Phone: +49 171 4969765

Raimund-F-Neuhold ICAO Language Proficiency Prüfer

Raimund F. Neuhold lives in the Harvestehude district of Hamburg but was born in Austria. He has been a pilot with Lufthansa CityLine for over 30 years and is usually flying around the world as a captain on the Airbus A340. Even in his free time, he is fascinated by flying. He then passes on his extensive flying experience as a training manager, flight instructor and examiner, and is available to serve as an examiner for ICAO Language Proficiency Tests in Germany up to LEVEL 6. Contact: Phone +49-40-494668 Fax +49-40-407039 Mobile +49-170-2241925

Our linguistic experts (LPLEs) fly sky-high!

Judith Hansen ICAO English - Language Trainer
Judith Fox Wallner ICAO English - Language Trainer

Judith is an enthusiastic pilot and LPLE (linguistic expert). Like all language experts at SierraMike, she has a profound knowledge of flying which, for us is a prerequisite for evaluating aviation language! Judith not only evaluates the English tests taken by our candidates and trains our LPEs. She is also a simultaneous interpreter, psychologist, psychotherapist, and enthusiastic piano player.

  • English Training for pilots via Skype

Our examiners and experienced native-English specialists administer language proficiency tests from level 4 to level 6. If you wish, we can prepare you for your test in targeted English courses. Our examiners, evaluators, and trainers will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.