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Radio Communication Certificate (AFZ, BFZ & EFZ) Training


Radio Communication Certificate (AFZ, BFZ & EFZ) Training - In cooperation with our partner flight schools, we offer preparatory training for the radio comm test (AFZ, BFZ and EFZ). Helmut, our trainer, is an experienced ATC, ATC instructor, and aviation law lecturer. Our training sessions are held in small groups to help you prepare for the test as effectively as possible. The following theoretical and practical radio communication skills and are practiced: Definitions, communication terminology, ICAO alphabet, numbers, time, call signs, phraseology, monitoring of radio systems, establishing and maintaining communication, METAR weather reports, Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), radio systems and much more.

Our comprehensive training programs include:

Group training BASICS Group training EQUIPMENT
Group training SPECIAL REGULATIONS NOTAM Translation practice

Our target groups

  • Student pilots in our partner flight schools
  • Student pilots who would like to practice specific situations
  • Private pilots who need a refresher
  • BFZ license holders who would like to obtain an AFZ upgrade

Information on radio communication training

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Our trainer, Heli, and his proud radio comm students! Contact us, prepare with us, and succeed with us!