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Language Proficiency Assessment at LAB SierraMike 1-01

Language proficiency tests can be taken at our office in Zirl/Tyrol or at the location of any certified language proficiency examiner/LPE associated with LAB SierraMike 1-01. If you need any help finding an examiner, we would be happy to help you find one in your area. Please contact Sierra at:

CBT Computer-Based Test

Language proficiency tests at LAB SierraMike 1-01 always start in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere, usually with a good cup of coffee and a comprehensive briefing by the examiner in order to familiarize candidates with the testing system and the scope and focus of ICAO language proficiency testing and rating. At this point, the candidate still has the opportunity to ask various questions. We take sufficient time for each individual candidate in pursuit of one common goal: achieving the best possible score and attaining the highest possible level for each of our candidates. Together with the examiner it is decided before the test whether the candidate wants to attempt taking a level 4, level 5, or level 6 test. The first part of the assessment with our new testing software, CheckL6 (for level 4-level 6 tests), always consists of a direct, face-to-face interview. Experience has shown that most candidates find it easier to have a personal, interactive conversation with their examiner first and only then to answer the digitally generated questions of the CBT (which focuses only on speaking). The test consists of individually tailored questions, the focus of which, in compliance with ICAO requirements, is on the demonstration of so-called plain language and not knowledge-based, operational skills. Hence, candidates need not worry about their technical and operational knowledge. That's not what we're testing. Our examiners, by the way, are present throughout the entire test. The CBT is performed under their supervision. This is also true for our new online test, i. e. when you take the test from the comfort of your own home (office). If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact Sierra for further information.

Information on CBT and training software

Our new testing software for ALL pilots!

Our new testing software, CheckL6 (for L 4-L6 tests), has been in use for quite a while now, and it has provided us with excellent results, for obvious reasons: More than 10 years of involvement, research, and experience in the field of ICAO language testing have helped us identify the real needs of specific target groups within the pilot community. Together with our team of experts, we have, with a high level of accuracy, worked out the essentials of an airline pilot's everyday routine. We have tried to determine the overarching constants in the aviation environment of private pilots as well as in that of professional helicopter pilots, and, last but not least, we have figured out what subject areas the operational knowledge of a student pilot might or might not include. Our test questions are tailored to exactly these - often profoundly different - environments and situations and are based off of our individual candidates' aviation experience. Hence, with CheckL6 we are able to assess and determine our candidates' language proficiency level without confronting them with questions requiring a type of knowledge they, due to practical matters, actually can't have. This certainly makes us stand out from the circle of aviation language-test providers! We offer our candidates - in compliance with ICAO's Language Proficiency Guidelines, of course - a test precisely tailored to their needs and their background and, therefore, with the opportunity to speak freely and without content-related constraints. The test is supervised by an experienced examiner-pilot who is always at the candidate's side, ready to provide support and assistance - during the interview as well as, interactively, during the CBT. For this purpose, our new software includes a "SAY AGAIN" button, which can be used whenever a question is not properly understood by the candidate and therefore has to be listened to a second time in order to allow for an appropriate reply. Several other features have been added to our software that represent a critical advantage to our candidates, because these features serve a truly stress-reducing purpose. Our CheckL6 test is, of course, available in an online version as well, i. e. you can take the test from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested, please contact us at: In the near future we will be able to provide you with our new training software as well. It will enable you to test yourself and even have yourself assessed prior to taking the "real" certification test. If you need any information on this new training and familiarization opportunity as soon as it is ready to enter the market, please contact Sierra at: Pilot Vocabulary Trainer Google Play Pilot Vocabulary Trainer Trainer Appstore

Interview (15 min)


After completion of the CBT you will have a conversation with your examiner, which will also be recorded digitally by the testing software. Its focus will be on common as well as aviation-related topics. Afterwards, we will take sufficient time for a comprehensive de-briefing. Pursuant to authority provisions, the test will subsequently be rated by two raters.