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Practice Tests: Level 4-Level 6

Sonja und Johanna ICAO Language Proficiency Training Expertinnen
Sonja and Johanna, our ICAO Language Proficiency Training Experts

We offer practice tests that are designed to prepare you for the real thing! Of course we are not permitted to publish or even use original test questions. However, our practice tests are designed according to the exact same ICAO guidelines as our real tests are. Naturally, this is the best test preparation you can get. Sonja and Johanna, our two linguistic experts, will give you valuable tips on how to improve your English and offer a first assessment of which level you could achieve with your current proficiency. Moreover, they are always happy to give you valuable tips for self-study. This way you can prepare well and independently without spending a lot of money on general courses, which are usually not suitable for preparing for an aviation English test and rarely produce the desired results. Only pilots with hardly any knowledge of English should take a course in general English and then (or simultaneously) practice directly with us. We have books, apps, and our own training and testing software and obviously our expertise as Austria's first ICAO Language Assessment Body. Interview training is also included in our trial test package. When practicing with our ICAO Language Proficiency trainers, you can quickly improve your aviation English and receive valuable suggestions for improvement. Thus, a practice test is not only intended for pilots or student pilots with limited English skills, but also for pilots with excellent language skills and who would like to know what to expect from an L6 test. You can take your test at our office or online. Practice tests can be taken for different ICAO levels. In any case, Sonja and Johanna will guide you through the entire test in a pleasant and friendly way. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions. If you are interested, you can contact Sonja or Johanna at or

We are Austria's first ICAO Language Assessment Body! Sign up for a course or a test with us now! We know aviation, and nobody does it better than us!