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English Speaking Training via Skype


English Speaking Training via Skype, Zoom, or our Peer2Peer connection After an initial assessment of your English skills you're all set to go ahead with your personalized training. In many instances people just need to practice their speaking a lot more! Here, our online training has proven to be highly successful. Together with MIKE, your conversation partner, who is an experienced pilot with an international background, or one of our commercial flight school instructors or highly-skilled private pilots, you can set up your individual training schedule. We will then coordinate your English language training segments and key topics for your practice sessions based on our initial assessment of your skills and any gaps we have identified. If you want, we can even record your conversation sessions. Our experts will analyze them and provide feedback for your trainer to use. You will also be given valuable feedback via email in order to help you prepare for your next speaking session. Your trainer will cover exactly those topics in your next meeting. This is a tried and tested system proven to help you succeed while at the same time helping you save as much time as possible through personalized training sessions. Get more information today by contacting us at!

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