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Basic Course for ICAO Level 4 Aviation English


Our ICAO Level 4 English Course is geared towards private pilots and student pilots with limited day-to-day opportunities for using their English, or those who would like to improve specific ICAO English level skills. There are numerous general English courses as well as books on the market. However, only rarely do candidates reach their goals that way. This is why we always design our training programs based on our candidates' individual needs. Then we proceed as follows:

Before the course begins

  • The candidate's language level is assessed.
  • Together with the candidate, we define a specific learning objective.
  • Then, course content and training method(s) are determined.
  • Finally, a specific and personalized study plan is designed.

What skills are required for ICAO L4?

Most of you have heard about the ICAO Rating Scale and know that in an aviation language proficiency test attention is paid to the following skills areas:

ICAO Rating Scale

  • Pronunciation
  • Structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Interaction

What does ICAO Level 4 mean? For Level 4, also called the Operational level, it is not necessary to communicate absolutely error-free in terms of grammar, or to pronounce English on a native-speaker level. In short: For Level 4, grammar as well as word order (which, by the way, differs from language to language), vocabulary, and pronunciation are checked in order to determine whether and to what extent they influence meaning and comprehension when a candidate speaks English. For German speakers who would like to learn more, please see our book, Language Proficiency für Piloten. ISBN: 978-3-9503228-0-4

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