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Englisch Sprachtraining für ICAO Sprachprüfer!


Laufend bieten wir ICAO Englisch Training für unsere Sprachprüfer = ICAO Language Proficiency Examiners an. Warum? Weil unsere Prüfer wissen, dass es für den Erhalt des Sprachniveaus notwendig ist, ständig zu praktizieren und auf dem neuesten Stand zu sein.

Wer soll daran teilnehmen?
All jene Prüfer, die bei der folgenden Aufgabe kurz zweifeln welche Version die richtige ist. Sind nun gar zwei Antworten korrekt oder kann man vielleicht alle vier als richtig bewerten?

Was ist richtig? Teste deinen English Level!

  • Can you express your opinion to the issue?
  • Can you express your opinion over the issue?
  • Can you express your opinion about the issue?
  • Can you express your opinion on the issue?

Infos zum Climb Level 6 Training für LPES in 2022 in Innsbruck und online

Judith Hansen ICAO Language Trainer English
Judith Hansen ICAO Language Trainer English

Wir stellen unsere Gastlektorin vor!

Judith "Flying Fox" Hansen (congenially referred to as 'Mrs. Fox' or 'Doc Fox' by her friends, clients, and customers) has a background in applied linguistics and cognitive behavioral psychology. Her method of language teaching is mostly based on the 'natural approach' by Krashen & Terrell, where communication and stress-free learning is emphasized and language output is allowed to emerge spontaneously. She has many of years of experience working in curriculum design, language teaching, translating, training, and testing for a number of American and Austrian universities, government agencies, and private businesses. She is also an LPLE associated with Sierra Mike. Judith believes in teaching by positive reinforcement, fun, and old-fashioned hard work. Incidentally, she also loves the Boston comma.

Thanks to her love of teaching and helping people succeed, you will be sure to spend a weekend well worth your time and, yes, your cold, hard cash.

Judith's leisure-time activities include operating any piece of mechanical equipment that comes with a piston engine. She also enjoys playing Bach preludes and jazz ballads on the piano.